Start a new Medical Home Grow.

Thinking about growing your own medical cannabis but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! We will be with you from seed to harvest. Including all your equipment and plans for any budget. Not Much of a DIY’r? No worries! We do home visits and setups. Let us take care of all the technical stuff.


Improve an existing Medical Home Grow.

Already have a medical home grow but want to push the quality and yield of your harvest? It’s all in the details! Maybe you’re growing in soil or coco and want to go hard-core with hydroponics; We got you covered! With DIY plans for automated watering, deep water culture, ebb and flow and aeroponic systems, we have all the info to take your grow to the next level.


Diagnose and treat Pests & Diseases.

The pests that frequent cannabis plants are always adapting. Let us help you come up with a fully integrated pest management plan. The products we recommend are organic and eco-conscious. Firm on the idea that you don’t want to use pesticides? We have a full biological control plan that will create a healthy environment for your plants to thrive. No pesticides needed.